What is travel accident insurance?

Tourism as a way to relax the body and mind, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge has become a popular way of leisure for contemporary friends. Some people travel once every 10 days and half a month, and some people travel once or twice a year, but whether it is several times a month or several times a year, we all need to do an accident Protection Measure and invest in a travel accident insurance, attenuate the risk of accidental injury during travel. So what is travel accident insurance? If you don’t know yet, look here!

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A, what is the travel accident insurance?

China’s travel insurance is generally divided into two categories: one is the travel liability insurance purchased in the travel group, and the other is what we call travel accident insurance. You may have some questions, the travel group has already purchased the travel liability insurance, why buy a travel accident insurance? In fact, there is a difference between the two, the travel liability insurance is a travel agency as the insured and the insured, travel accident insurance is a kind of insurance that is insured by the travel agency for the individual or individual members of the travel group to the insurance company, the insured person is the individual traveling.
Travel accident insurance, in simple terms, is the insured person in the travel process, the accident and accident encountered, in line with the insurance company’s contract liability, A form of insurance business in which an insurance company pays an agreed amount of insurance money to the insured person. Members of the tour group, including tourists and tour guides and team leaders, that is, members of the tour group should purchase travel accident insurance in their personal capacity. The travel liability insurance is a kind of compulsory insurance that the travel agency as the main body purchases from the insurance company, which guarantees that the travel agency will not suffer huge losses when the travel group has an accident.

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What are the insurance liabilities for travel accident insurance?

There are usually three types of insurance liability for travel accident insurance. One is the liability for accidental death. During the period of the insurance contract, the insurance company shall bear the corresponding liability for claims. Second, the liability for accidental disability, during the insurance period due to accidents leading to disability, the insurance company shall bear the liability for claims. Third, the accident medical liability, the insurance company is responsible for compensation for the medical expenses incurred by the accident during the insurance period.

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Three, what are the ways of insurance for travel accident insurance?

Travel accident insurance is a common way of insurance is generally through the travel agency on behalf of tourists to the insurance company to buy or tourists directly through the insurance company to buy. Some friends worry that the travel agency is not regular, so they want to buy directly through the insurance company, but they are afraid of trouble and give up. In fact, now the internet era has come, many insurance companies support online insurance, so there is a need for friends can not be afraid of trouble, directly through the insurance company’s official website to understand all kinds of travel accident insurance, if the relevant provisions are not clear, you can directly call the customer service hotline of the insurance company’s official website, and then choose the right product according to the actual situation.

Through the above introduction, we have a certain understanding of what is the travel accident insurance, and the friends who have the travel plan can invest in a travel accident insurance for themselves, and give more protection to the travel.

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