Summary of travel insurance knowledge

Travel on the way to the risk, pay attention to safety first at the same time, you should buy an insurance, in order to rest assured. According to the different travel modes of consumers, a travel insurance plan is specially tailored for everyone. Consumers can choose their own way of travel.

travel medical insurance

Outbound travel: travel assistance insurance is essential

Insurance Guide: if the insured person is outbound travel, it is recommended that the insured person is preferred to have overseas emergency rescue service insurance company products, that is, travel relief insurance. The insurance will expand the service of the original travel personal accident insurance, and extend the general post-event claims of the traditional insurance company to become a timely and effective rescue in the event of an accident. No matter where you are in danger abroad, you can get unpaid assistance by calling a special phone.

Group tour: preferred personal accident and injury insurance

Insurance Guide: consumers in the insurance of personal accident insurance at the same time, be sure to see the insurance liability of each insurance. Because some products only protect accidental death, and some also include accidental disability and accidental medical treatment. It is recommended that consumers purchase products that include accidental disability and accidental medical treatment, so as to obtain greater protection.

Exploration Tour: purchase special insurance travel personal insurance

Insurance Guide: due to the high risk of activities such as diving and skiing, at present, whether it is travel liability insurance or accident insurance, the insured is in diving, skiing, gliding, parachuting, the risks of rock climbing and exploration activities are not covered.

This product covers a wide range of outdoor sports, not only including a variety of outdoor activities (including but not limited to expansion, mountain climbing, skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain exploration, etc.), it also extends to cover other sports that are performed at the same time as outdoor mountain climbing (including swimming, surfing, roller-skating, cross-country orientation, sailing, drift, cave exploration and other sports that may be organized by various clubs).

Self-driving tour: People and cars need to buy insurance

Insurance Guide: driving travel all kinds of things can happen, so all the insurance should be completed. First of all, to give the car foot insurance, the vehicle is traveling outside, it is recommended to drive a family to buy the whole car theft rescue, vehicle damage insurance, make up for the loss caused by vehicle damage during

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