How much does truck insurance cost and what is included in the scope of compensation

How much is the truck insured for a year?

Compared with cars, due to the strong volume and the difficulty of operation, the risk of the truck is more, and the possibility of danger is relatively high, so for the train, insurance is also of paramount importance. But for the truck driver, how much a year is absolutely a big problem, how to calculate the cost, the scope of payment and what content, is the truck driver should know. How much is the truck insured for a year? Let’s take a look at it today.

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Many professionals believe that the characteristics of car insurance itself is only one aspect. More often, the driver needs to further determine how to calculate the truck insurance based on the accident in the previous year. Because only if you have a good idea, you can buy the best service, with a minimum of money to buy a new car insurance, which can lay a more solid foundation for your future Road.

The truck is different from the general family car, and its route is relatively longer, and sometimes there is a cross-provincial situation, so if there is a danger, if you can not bring the service to the owner in time, then the advantages of car insurance can not be highlighted. Therefore, most of the new road truck drivers, will also be the car insurance service is timely, as an important indicator of the choice of car insurance. Of course, the final decision is the comparison of services and prices. In general, freight car insurance is calculated on the basis of tonnage, and the vast majority of freight cars also include the routes that they travel frequently. Different routes and different road conditions, may affect the cost of the final formation of the truck car insurance.

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But overall, the amount of freight van insurance is more cost-effective than the household car, and the payment is also more comprehensive. However, it should be noted that the operation of the truck is not required to double the insurance cost, so the owner of the new year when asking about the insurance, can be combined with the specific analysis of the dangers that occurred in the previous year, if there is a change in the route of travel, we must also communicate with the car insurance in a timely manner.

Finally, I talk about the price of freight car insurance. Usually, due to the difference of insurance companies and the breadth of the scope of protection, the price of different situations is naturally different, but in general, the price of truck insurance is about 2-40,000 a year, in order to fully protect the truck driver, the purchase of truck insurance is still very important.

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The development status of truck insurance, truck insurance

China has become the world’s largest road transport market, with a total turnover of 610 billion ton-kilometers and a market size of more than 5 trillion for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, which has directly created a huge truck insurance market, in particular, 5 million heavy-duty vehicles are favored by insurance companies. The annual premium of heavy-duty vehicles is mostly more than 20,000 yuan, which is 5-8 times that of private cars. However, it is not easy for ordinary insurance companies to get a cake.

It is well known that automobile insurance consists of compulsory transportation insurance and commercial vehicle insurance, the latter can be divided into two categories: vehicle damage insurance and third party liability insurance, and some additional risks. Vehicle damage insurance provides insurance for the loss of the insured vehicle itself, while compulsory transportation insurance and third-party insurance provide financial compensation for personal and material injuries caused by the insured vehicle. A number of property insurance companies have clearly stated that from a risk point of view, the insurance risk of heavy-duty trucks is significantly different from that of ordinary domestic vehicles.

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As a production tool, the primary task of the heavy-duty truck is to make money by pulling the goods, and when there is a relatively small collision and other accidents, as long as it does not affect the normal driving, the owner will not choose the first time to repair. On the other hand, heavy-duty trucks have a large mass, long turning radius, slow braking, and are far less controllable than domestic vehicles, which are likely to cause serious injury to third parties and are often the perpetrators of major traffic accidents. For them, the traffic insurance and the three-person insurance are more important than the vehicle damage insurance.

Due to the different weather conditions and personal injury compensation standards, the risk of traffic accidents caused by the characteristics of the vehicle’s daily driving area, or the risk of the increase of the compensation amount will also be quite different. For example, due to the winter snow and wet road, the risk cost of vehicles that often travel in the three provinces of Northeast China is higher. In the areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, where the standard of compensation for human injury is high, the average case payment is higher, while in Xinjiang, where there are a few people, in Inner Mongolia, the risk cost is lower.

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It is difficult for ordinary insurance companies to get rid of these traps. Due to the high amount of compensation, many insurance companies are not optimistic about the heavy truck business. At the same time, after the second fee reform, the insurance company’s premium adequacy ratio decreased, the proportion of payments increased, the competition of auto insurance business further intensified, and the insurance enterprises to seek a more perfect risk control system to reduce the risk of the demand is increasingly strong.

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