At two o’clock in the morning, lying in the ward, I suddenly understood these four truths

People often only after personal experience, can really understand some truth.

A few days ago, the child was ill and hospitalized, although it was only an ordinary Fever, but the result was that the family was physically and mentally exhausted.

On the first day of hospitalization, the fever was rising again and again.

Lying on the folding couch of the ward, looking at the dim ceiling, a baby boy next to the bed made a painful cough from time to time, and I was lost in thought.

This article is written in the mobile phone memo in the fragmentary perception.

Must have common sense of life, skills do not press

An ordinary Fever, why is it serious to need hospitalization?

Responsibility lies with me because of my ignorance.

In the morning, my wife went to work, the child was from my watch, Fever is to be timely heat, and I have been wrapped around him with a small blanket, can no longer catch cold, and then feed him to eat a small bowl of porridge.

Before noon, my wife came back with the company for a leave of absence. A few minutes after she got home, the child began to twitch all over the body, rolling his eyes and vomiting bubbles in his mouth, she carried the baby and I went to the garage to pick up the car.

From my home to the hospital, along the way there are eight traffic lights, unfortunately, that day are all red light, On the way to the hospital, the child had passed out of sleep, my wife was afraid to cry.

To the hospital, the doctor said to my wife, do not Nervousness, convulsions can not die.

Hearing this, a hanging heart was finally put down. After the treatment, the doctor let us go to the inpatient department for hospitalization.

After that, my wife and I discussed this matter, she did not blame me even the most basic common sense of life do not know, but I have a reflection, also feel fear, if because of my ignorance, lead to the child brain burn, I will definitely regret for a lifetime.

In addition, we reached a consensus that when the child is good, we must give the car to the society so that we can cope with the emergency.

Although she has a driver’s license, but has not been on the road.

As the saying goes, skills do not press the body, a person will be the more skills the better, always useful to the time.

Be sure to have a deposit to resist the risk

We ran all the way to the inpatient department, I went to the hospital, a one-time first to pay 5000, and then to the pediatric ward to stay.

A female doctor came to inquire about the situation, Fever time, there is no random eating, there has been no convulsions before, family history of epilepsy, etc., then let me sign, then is a variety of checks, hanging water.

Because it is the first convulsion, also do not determine the specific cause, the doctor recommended to be careful, to do a comprehensive examination.

As the brain CT need to keep quiet, can not move, but the child is still under two years of age, lying down and crying, can not check, so had to wait until the night fell asleep to do.

At one point in the morning, the first time to hold the past, a put down to wake up, and crying, no way to return to the ward, the doctor on duty to let the nurse give the child enema, said that can let the child sleep very heavy.

Sure enough, the second time to do the CT examination, very smooth.

The next morning, the nurse sent the bill, 5000 of the balance of more than 3000, of which the examination fee is more than 1000.

After that, several doctors came to the ward for routine rounds. A male doctor said that he might have accumulated water when the image was seen.

The official examination report will not come out until the afternoon, waiting for it is really painful. After checking the internet for the information of the hydrocephalus caused by Fever, the more you see, the more you are afraid, I ran to ask the doctor once in an hour, and finally the doctor was tired of asking, after the report, I will tell you.

Finally, the report came out, everything was normal, the heart of a day, and finally put it down again.

The doctor told me that the brain is like a house. CT examination is to see if there is any crack on the outside of the house. There is no damage, and the EEG can know whether the line inside the house is abnormal.

EEG needs people to stay awake, but can not be noisy, sitting there, to do a few times, have not been able to go smoothly, so the examination has not been done.

After staying in the hospital for a week, the child needs to hang up six or seven bottles of water every day. On the day of discharge, all of 5000 yuan was used up, and the medical insurance reimbursement was more than 2500 on the spot.

I said these, not to say how many people in the hospital, this is not the meaning, I am want to tell you:

Must work hard to make money, must have a deposit, to resist the risk, now go to a hospital, how to also need eight hundred children, if a serious illness, they are all spent in units of “ten thousand.

The country is becoming more and more perfect in the area of health insurance, which is worthy of recognition, but I suggest that everyone, in addition to health insurance, it is best to give the elderly and children in the family, they also buy some other insurance.

Who is not easy, mutual understanding and understanding

On the third night of the hospital, the quiet ward suddenly began to make noise, and the noise became more and more Loud. I went out and looked at it.

Several family members in the next-door ward were gripping at the nurse’s station. They were called by the female doctor on duty that night. The two sides were very noisy and could not hear why they were noisy.

Only to hear the family has been said, your medical ethics? You don’t need to be a doctor……

Several security officers for a while, and then to help the female doctor with the patient’s family, noisy for a while, and finally entered the office, closed the door to talk.

Later, I went to the tea room to get some hot water, and saw that the female doctor was also in the tea room, a person burst into tears.

I didn’t go in because I was afraid of seeing each other.

Medical disturbances always occur from time to time. Some are lack of medical ethics and irresponsibility of medical staff, while others are ignorance and unreasonable, is the responsibility of the hospital.

Most of the time, people are used to compassion for the weak, regardless of whether the weak is wrong or not.

I hope, as a health care worker, do not forget the professional ethics, ordinary people to see the disease is really not easy; As a patient’s family, must control their emotions, do not make unreasonable, A lot of misunderstanding is often because you do not understand.

Not only medical trouble, but also customer service staff, attendants, delivery, delivery boys and many other occupations are prone to conflicts.

In our society today, it is not easy for everyone to understand each other and strive to do their own work well, this society will be really harmonious.

Although it is difficult to do this, I really hope that all people can work towards this goal, because no one lives in an isolated island in this world, the environment is good, and the people who benefit are us.

Living well, health and family are more important than anything else

In the hospital for a week, my biggest feeling is: be sure to live well, health and family are more important than anything else.

1, a person suffering, but the torture is a family

The child is nearly two years old, the body has been very good, living day and night, in addition to the normal vaccination, this is the first time to be poked needle, the first time was pumped a few tubes of blood, the first time to go to the hospital hanging water.

Six or seven bottles of water every day, the blood vessels of the left hand and left hand were swollen, and then changed to the right hand. When I saw the nurse and the doctor, I immediately went back and walked around.

My wife said, if you can spend money so that he does not suffer from this crime, can spend 10,002.

If you are a parent, you will understand this feeling, you would rather suffer yourself, would rather spend money, also do not suffer children.

In fact, no matter who falls in the family members, people who stand are hard, which is why we should pay attention to their own body.

Most of the time, living well is also a responsibility.

This truth, you only in the real experience of some things, will have a profound experience.

2, take the life for money, but money is often not for life

I always encourage you to work hard, but there is no conflict between working hard and losing your life, and I tell you, be sure to lose your life and pay attention to your health, because you get money for your life, you may not be able to replace your life in the end.

First, the disease can not afford to see a doctor is too expensive, and second, health is not money can buy, or billions can live long.

A serious illness, empty all your savings, let you lose money, this is too normal, more cruel is that the money is gone, often people have not retained.

Efforts are necessary, and efforts to provide better living conditions for families, this is no problem.

But very often, with wealth and quality of life, and you become a successful person than, they need is a healthy family.

There are three kinds of the most painful things in life: the loss of a child in later life, the loss of a wife in middle age, the loss of a mother in childhood. If I leave, my parents, husband and children will face these pains, so I have to stay strong.

At the critical point of life and death, you will find that any overtime (long-term stay up late is equal to chronic Suicide), give yourself too much pressure, buy a house to buy a car demand, these are floating clouds.

If you have time, have a good time with your children, the money to buy a car to buy a pair of shoes to their parents, do not struggle to change what big house, and love people together, abscissa is also happy.

Work hard, live well, adhere to exercise, regular life, hope that the world less sick, hope that everyone’s life is smooth!

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