What is the auto insurance process after the transfer of used vehicles?

“I bought a used car, what about the car transfer insurance?” Many car owners in the purchase of second-hand vehicles, for the transfer of second-hand car insurance procedures are difficult, I do not know how to start. This is a common problem for second-hand car consumers. Many car owners do not know much about the transfer of ownership of car insurance. When handling the transfer of ownership, it is inevitable that they will catch up. In fact, the transfer of insurance is very simple.

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In fact, the transfer of ownership of second-hand car insurance is the change of the beneficiary and the license plate number of the original vehicle insurance approval form after the second-hand car transaction. Therefore, there is no charge for the transfer of used car insurance, and the materials required are relatively simple (no vehicle to the insurance company). You need to fill out an application for the transfer of ownership of car insurance, and need to be present with the new and old owners. When transferring ownership, you need to carry the original insurance policy, driving license, and vehicle transfer invoice and other documents. Upon review, the insurance company will issue you a batch form to complete the insurance transfer. The second-hand insurance transfer needs to be performed after the transfer of ownership of the second-hand car transaction, and after the change of the owner’s information of the registration certificate is handled, and the new vehicle number plate and the driving book are collected.

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Second-hand car transactions are not all local transactions, under the premise of off-site transactions. Used car insurance does not necessarily have to be transferred, you can choose to directly return the insurance, but you need to retain the strong insurance (the strong insurance can also be returned after the registration of the place of residence). As stated in the motor vehicle insurance clauses, within the period of validity of the insurance, the insured shall notify the insurance company in writing and apply for approval, otherwise, the insurance company has the right to refuse compensation.

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With the increase of second-hand car transactions, the insurance problems occur from time to time. Second-hand car transactions that have not been formally handled by the traffic police department are not protected by law and are not recognized. Therefore, in the second-hand car sales process, the processing of insurance transfer is an important link. At the same time, the transfer of used car insurance can effectively prevent the occurrence of used car fraud. Understand these, the owner in the purchase of a used car, no longer in the car transfer insurance to do.

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