How is the motor vehicle insurance premium calculated?

Now although there are a lot of people have become a car family, but there are still a lot of car owners of the knowledge of car insurance is very little. Motor vehicles only to buy insurance, in order to be safe on the road, in the event of an accident can also pass on their own risks and losses. Auto insuranceWhich auto insurance company is better to buy? is generally paid once a year, and the cost of each payment is different. How should the premium of auto insurance be calculated? Let’s find out.

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How is the motor vehicle insurance premium calculated? Insurance premium refers to the insurance premium paid by the applicant to the insurance company. Before the insurance premium is calculated, the insurance premium rate must be clearly determined. Each insurance company shall have the following criteria when determining the specific premium rate of the insured vehicle:

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(1) if the vehicle is used for a different purpose (e. G. Both carrying goods and passengers, or both self-use and business), it is calculated at the premium rate;

(2) in the case of rental vehicles and specialized transport vehicles or other vehicles carrying passengers for freight and rent, the insurance rate shall be calculated on the basis of commercial vehicles. In addition, individual or joint household vehicles that operate transportation and register with the administrative department for industry and commerce shall also be approved according to the insurance rate of the operating vehicle.

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What are the specific types of car insurance? Motor vehicle insurance is motor vehicle insurance, motor vehicle insurance is motor vehicle itself and its third party liability as the subject matter of insurance of a kind of transport insurance. Its insurance customers are mainly corporate bodies and individuals with various motor vehicles; The subject matter of its insurance is mainly various types of cars, but also includes trams, special vehicles such as battery cars and motorcycles. Motor vehicles refer to cars, trams, battery cars, motorcycles, tractors, special mechanical vehicles and special vehicles.

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Automobile insurance is mainly divided into compulsory insurance and commercial automobile insurance. Among them, commercial automobile insurance is mainly divided into two parts: basic insurance and additional insurance. The basic insurance includes vehicle loss insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle theft and emergency rescue, and vehicle personnel liability insurance. Additional risks include no liability insurance, vehicle cargo fall liability insurance, glass separate breakage insurance, vehicle shutdown loss insurance, spontaneous combustion loss insurance, new equipment loss insurance, non-compensatory special insurance and other types of insurance.

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