What is vehicle loss insurance? Scope of compensation for vehicle loss insurance

Vehicle loss insurance is a very important type of car insurance, and many car owners consider buying. It refers to the loss of the insured vehicle itself caused by natural disasters (excluding earthquakes) or accidents within the scope of insurance liability. To understand the scope of insurance compensation for vehicle loss insurance, in order to know whether you need to buy this insurance, of course, only to understand the scope of compensation in order to smooth the settlement process.

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What is the scope of compensation for vehicle loss insurance? The scope of compensation for car insurance is actually applicable to many accidents, so it becomes a kind of car insurance that most people will choose. From a broad perspective, the vehicle loss insurance is mainly responsible for compensating for the loss of the insured vehicle due to natural disasters and accidents, therefore, we can know that whether the car is damaged due to the weather, and scratches and bumps on the road, we can get the corresponding compensation from the insurance company, the surface of the compensation can cover some of the loss of the usual easy to occur, become the owner must buy a kind of car insurance.

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From the perspective of the scope of vehicle damage insurance compensation, when the car encountered some more serious road traffic accidents caused by the car rollover, collision, overturning caused serious damage to the car, or serious deformation, or serious damage to the vehicle shell, fragmentation, should be obtained vehicle damage insurance compensation, the cost of repair and replacement of parts of the car, regardless of the amount, all need to be borne by the insurance company.

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The scope of compensation for vehicle loss insurance is applicable to five cases:

1. Vehicle collision and overturning;

2. Vehicle fire and explosion;

3, external objects collapse or fall, insurance vehicle running in parallel fall caused by vehicle loss;

4. The vehicle is subject to natural disasters such as lightning strike, storm, Cyclone, rainstorm, flood, tsunami, land subsidence, ice subsidence, slope collapse, avalanche, debris disaster, debris flow, landslide, etc;

5. In the case that the vehicle has a driver’s care on board the ship, the transit ship carrying the insurance vehicle suffers the loss of the vehicle caused by the above natural disasters.

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The above is the editor to sort out the relevant content of the scope of auto insurance compensation, including the definition and application of the scope of auto insurance compensation. Although we don’t want these accidents and accidents to happen to us, we still need to understand the relevant information, just in case. The purchase of vehicle loss insurance can reduce a lot of losses, after the above detailed introduction, I believe you have a sufficient understanding of the scope of compensation.

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