What are the differences between commercial insurance and social insurance?

Commercial insurance is compared to social insurance, it is the insured and the insurer on a voluntary basis, through the insurance contract to establish the insurance relationship, reasonable calculation and collection of insurance, to provide financial compensation or protection for property loss or personal injury caused by a specific disaster. From the development history of the insurance industry and the practice of insurance legislation in the world, the common concept of insurance refers to commercial insurance, and the object of regulation of insurance law is commercial insurance.

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What is the difference between commercial insurance and social insurance? Compared with social security, commercial insurance has the following three characteristics: first, voluntary. The establishment of the legal relationship of commercial insurance is realized through the voluntary conclusion of an insurance contract on the basis of the principle of autonomy between the applicant and the insurer and on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and consensus, social insurance is enforced by law;

Second, for-profit, commercial insurance is a kind of commercial behavior, commercial insurance business of the company regardless of the form of organization is for profit, the purpose of social insurance is to protect the basic needs of social members;

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Third, from the perspective of the scope of business and the principles of compensation insurance and payment security, commercial insurance includes both property insurance and personal insurance, with a corresponding amount of insurance premium, within the scope of the insurance value, we can obtain a corresponding amount of insurance payment, which reflects the principle of more and less insurance, and social insurance is limited to personal insurance, it is the principle of basic social security that does not provide differential protection by the amount of investment in insurance.

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Usually after work, the unit will pay social insurance for us, give us the most basic protection. But only social insurance is not enough, take the medical insurance, its reimbursement is often limited, the need for serious medical insurance and other commercial medical insurance to supplement. Therefore, we must pay attention to the purchase of social insurance on the basis of the appropriate choice of commercial insurance to fully protect their own.

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