What kind of protection can buying life insurance bring us?

A small instrument bearing the nature of protection was born at sea

Years, the “instrument” evolved into a policy

From handwriting to printing to electronic

Fly from the other side of the ocean to the world

Insurance has gradually entered our lives

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So, why can Insurance enter thousands of households?

What can it protect?

In fact, small to reach the side of the things

The weight of a nation as large as remote

Can give an answer about its guard

From life to ideal

Insurance guard every possibility

Food, clothing, food and transportation.

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Insurance, many people first think of health, accident and other protection. In fact, we are in front of the daily life, can not do without the silent guard of insurance.

Like the most important eating problem, the most easily encountered is the problem of food safety and supply security. In this regard, insurance can help resolve:

In terms of food safety, there are food safety liability insurance that the country is promoting in an orderly manner, which plays a very important role of “safety lock” for food producers and operators to take risks and protect the rights and interests of consumers.

life insurance and critical illness cover

In terms of supply protection, taking the policy of pig price insurance and imported cold chain food epidemic prevention insurance introduced by Ping An as an example, it can effectively resolve the current “pig cycle” and the environment of epidemic prevention and control, frozen goods and other food supply side of the income risk, so that the people on the table of the delicious more can continue.

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In this regard, in addition to the protection of family property, housing rental security, in recent years, more and more attention to the fire safety of the House, insurance can also play a role:

Under the active promotion of Ping An Property Insurance, Ningbo has now arrived at the country’s first overall insurance of fire protection facilities in residential areas, providing regular testing and maintenance of fire protection measures and other services, in order to prevent the fire safety problems of the old residential district, a “new solution” is given “.

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As for the daily travel, road traffic Insurance, aviation insurance, private car insurance, water-related insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance and other insurance covering all kinds of vehicles, we have been protected for a long time. And insurance companies are also relying on the upgrading of the “insurance + service”, for many families to support the “Travel Guard umbrella”
Ideal pursuit, can not do without it

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With the continuous development of society, people’s life has a higher level of pursuit. Spiritual “poetry and distant”, how to protect the insurance?

The answer is: innovative insurance.

Raising a pet has become one of the ways to cure people’s spirit. Let the pet have a protected pet insurance in the case of serious illness and minor illness, so that every pet-friendly person can enjoy the companion of the pet, while reducing the economic pressure of medical and health expenses.

The risk of going and going has become a new wave of “freedom” for the contemporary people. One-year travel insurance within the territory of “safe travel”, including insurance protection for extreme sports scenarios such as diving, skiing, and parachuting, let young people expect the “risk” to be more at ease.

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Today, the market has a network of virtual game Property Insurance, visa travel insurance and other types of insurance, to meet the needs of different people. On the way to love and dream, there is always an unknown danger, but insurance is the lamp on the road, illuminating the direction of each forward.

From individuals to the general public

Insurance guard every kind of care

On the way to life, it’s left and right

A sudden outbreak has made many people realize that they should learn to value the people around them.

Making good use of the effect of the leverage of insurance, using the current controllable assets, adding a layer of protective cover for the future of ourselves and the people around us, is one of the ways we learn to values.

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For a long time, the warm heart experience has been brought to the lives of many families, and the trust of hundreds of millions of customers has been harvested with a full range of life risk solutions.

Today, the state is also actively promoting the reform of medical insurance, pension insurance innovation, the official “seal” the meaning of insurance for the individual.

Although life is full of innumerable results of choice, but the insurance can support every risk of life, so that every family in the full sense of security, to create more beauty.

Mass needs, it’s on the way

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Insurance is often called the “stabilizer” of the society, not only because it can be proactive, but also because it can keep people at critical moments, stable money.

In the sudden outbreak of covid-19 2021, millions of people faced the challenge and faced this war without smoke and smoke with no courage.

In the face of disasters and covid-19, the strength of human beings may seem insignificant, but because of the powerful but invisible hands of insurance, the road under the feet of each pioneer becomes more secure, they are also more confident in getting through the storm.

From economy to public welfare

Insurance protects every future

Economic development, with it as a pillar

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Strengthening the construction of key projects is of great significance to the economic and social development. For the major social system engineering, only by the state and local financial investment is not enough, but also need the participation of market subjects and social forces, insurance protection is one of the ways to participate.

Born in the new era of economic development of peace, has become one of the forces, and actively for the country’s real economic development.

Of these, more than 120 satellites and missiles have been cumulatively provided with pre-launch manufacturing, transportation, installation and post-launch Orbital operation, life to provide insurance protection and other space insurance business.

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Looking up at the sky, down-to-earth, is a consistent human ideal. Insurance, for this eternal dream.

Public welfare development, with it as an instrument

Convenient donation of clothing, accumulation of energy to plant trees, public run to offer love…… Today, the public welfare has become a “everyone’s public welfare”, 1.1 drops can be sent to warm people thousands of miles away.

As a special link, insurance can connect the power of social welfare with the people in need of help, and turn the point into the source of the spring. This is also one of the goals pursued in the field of social responsibility.

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Taking the key area of rural poverty alleviation as an example, based on the three insurance products of “poverty alleviation insurance, traceability insurance and anti-poverty insurance”, the closed-loop mode of poverty alleviation is built to solve the problem of pre-production, in-production and anti-poverty insurance for farmers in poor areas, three aspects of the problem postpartum.

From life to the ideal, from the individual to the public, from the economy to the public, in the wave of the times, insurance products and services are constantly updated and iterated, but its role has not changed-that is, to protect and pursue the beauty of life.

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