What does commercial insurance include? Is business Insurance worth buying?

Commercial insurance refers to the insured to pay a certain amount of insurance, in the case of the insured event, the insurance company under the insurance contract to pay the insurance benefits of the responsibility of a contract. If social insurance is a simple T-shirt, then commercial insurance is a beautiful coat; In general, social insurance can meet basic needs, and commercial insurance is indispensable for a better quality of life.

So what is the role of commercial insurance? We will be popular to explain.

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1, insurance is a sharp tool to resist the risk of disease

Data show that a person’s lifetime chance of suffering from major diseases as high as 72.18%. At present, the average treatment cost of major diseases is generally more than 100,000 yuan. Critical illness insurance is simply illness insurance that is conditional on the payment of benefits. That is, as long as the insured suffers from a certain disease listed in the insurance clauses, regardless of whether or not medical expenses are incurred or how many expenses are incurred, the insurance company’s quota compensation can be obtained.

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2. Compulsory storage of special-purpose medical expenses

To buy medical insurance is equivalent to having a special medical fund with a small amount of money. This fund can guarantee the cost of medical treatment for everyone. Even if you encounter a major disease, you are not afraid.

3, to avoid the family economy due to disease bankruptcy

The medical costs of major diseases are likely to directly lead to the bankruptcy of a family. With business insurance, this phenomenon can be avoided. The so-called medical treatment saves physiological lives, and insurance saves economic lives.

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4, enjoy good medical conditions

If you buy medical insurance, you don’t have to worry about the cost of medical care, you can use the best medical treatment. To promote early recovery of patients.

In a word, commercial insurance is of great significance to us, and some commercial insurance of financial nature can also provide us with certain income. But the purchase of insurance must pay attention to the priority, do not put the reverse. Social insurance as the most basic protection, we should give priority to the allocation, for people with work, social insurance will be paid by the unit for us.

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