What is the travel accident insurance? Does it include property?

With the gradual enhancement of the national insurance awareness, we gradually have the awareness of using insurance to protect their personal and property safety. Usually the travel agency will buy a copy of the travel accident insurance for each person before the departure of the tour group. What is the travel accident insurance? Does it include accidental loss of property?

travel accident insurance

What is the travel accident insurance?

First of all, we have to define what is an accident? Accident refers to the external, sudden, unintended, non-disease to the body of the objective event of injury.
The tourism accident insurance is a special classification of accident insurance, in order to adapt to the tourism scene and the special design of a short-term accident insurance. The term of insurance liability refers to the personal accidental disability caused by the occurrence of an accident during the travel of the insured or other protection items stipulated in the terms of the insurance, and the insurance company shall bear the insurance liability. Travel accident insurance liability period of choice is also more flexible and free, you can choose the appropriate travel plan according to their own insurance effective start and end date.

travel accident insurance

Does the tourism accident insurance include property accident loss?

The general travel accident insurance includes the following responsibilities: Accidental death and disability, accidental injury medical treatment, medical transportation and burial protection, property theft and loss, traffic accident disability and death, etc. Tourism accident insurance products are numerous, and the responsibilities included are also different. Therefore, the accidental death travel insurance package does not include the protection of property loss, it is necessary to refer to the specific products, whether to add the loss protection of property theft during travel.

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Is it necessary to buy accident insurance with property loss protection?

During travel, in addition to accidental disability, another type of high incidence of accidents is property loss or theft, bank card theft and other property losses, causing a lot of inconvenience to travel, let the whole trip cast a negative shadow. Short-term travel schedule is compact, even if the alarm, the police to track down the stolen property also need time, delay travel, affect the mood may also cause important losses. It is better to plan a travel accident insurance with property loss protection early. With the protection of insurance, the trip is more easy and relaxed. Therefore, in the case of economic capacity, you can choose the travel accident insurance with additional property loss protection, and pay attention to the amount of protection, whether it is matched with the value of the property carried during your travel.

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The more the protection responsibility, the better?

Accidental death travel insurance products are also a variety of, usually include more liability, relatively speaking, the higher the cost of insurance. However, according to different travel scenarios, there may be different selection bias. For example, for outdoor sports such as walking and mountain climbing, it is necessary to choose the products with more sufficient accident protection for the additional high-risk sports; And choose the transportation mode such as self-driving and Highway tour, it should be the choice of additional traffic accident protection more adequate products. Of course, it is not the protection responsibility, the more the better, but should be based on their adaptation to the scene, a reasonable choice for their own travel accident insurance products. Among them, the protection of accidental disability and death, traffic accident, property theft and loss is applicable to almost all scenarios, so in the choice of accident insurance, pay attention to whether to cover the above three main responsibilities.

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As the epidemic is gradually under control, the domestic tourism industry has become hot again, and many people have been unable to resist the excitement of travel. But again happy before the trip, in a rush, do not forget to consider to buy themselves a suitable travel accident insurance, to protect the travel of accidental injury and loss of property.

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