What kind of auto insurance should I buy for a new car?

To learn more about what kind of insurance to buy a new car, please see the following introduction.

After the new car to hand, the owners should be timely purchase of the appropriate car insurance, in order to avoid traffic risks. So, what are the new car insurance? In general, the novice driver if the economic conditions are better, choose the “full insurance“; If the economic ability is general, it is best to choose the basic insurance as needed.

full coverage car insurance

It is best to buy the “full insurance” for the novice with a relaxed economy”

For novice owners with good economic conditions, if your vehicle is of high value, you can choose “full insurance” in the first year of insurance, including traffic insurance, vehicle damage insurance, three-dimensional insurance, vehicle personnel liability insurance, there are 8 types of insurance for the entire vehicle, such as theft rescue, Mark-off insurance, glass-alone damage insurance, and no reimbursement insurance, which can provide a more comprehensive protection for your car.

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New to the economy Nervousness choose basic insurance on demand

If the economic situation is more than Nervousness, the novice driver can choose the appropriate type of insurance according to the vehicle travel situation. For vehicles that have a fixed parking lot and are only used for work, in addition to the necessary traffic Insurance, the vehicle damage insurance and the three liability insurance can be prepared; If the vehicle is often equipped with relatives and friends, the vehicle personnel liability insurance should be backed up.

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The choice of auto insurance should be appropriate for skilled veterans

The former driver’s driving skills are more skilled, and the probability of getting out of danger is low. When buying insurance for a new car, the general choice of traffic insurance, vehicle damage insurance and three-dimensional insurance can be selected, which can bring basic protection to the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a fixed parking place, and often go out, should also buy a full car theft and scratch insurance.

full coverage insurance


What are the new car insurance? This depends on the driving skills of the owners, the value of the vehicle and the regularity of travel and other factors. Under normal circumstances, the economic easing of the novice is best to buy “full insurance”, the economy Nervousness of the novice should be prepared for basic insurance, and skilled veteran insurance insurance, car damage insurance and three risk insurance.

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