If the vehicle fails to report to the police in time after the accident, will the insurance company pay for it?

Every time with the beginning of the holiday countdown, many people began to struggle: In the end is to stay at home, or to go out for relaxation? In the holiday when the choice of self-driving people is certainly not in the minority, then the probability of an accident or traffic accident will be greatly improved, what need to pay attention to after the accident? Let’s look at a specific case.

The basic situation of the case is as follows: a woman in Chengdu unfortunately hit the pier while driving, and was sent to medical treatment on the spot. However, after discharge, a woman did not contact the insurance company directly. Until the next year, a woman came to the traffic police department to report the case, and the traffic police determined that a woman assumed full responsibility for the traffic accident.

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A woman looking for a car repair company to repair the vehicle cost 280,000 yuan, and the insurance company to apply for claims was rejected. The court ruled that a woman lost the case.

• A Woman: The vehicle is still in the insurance period, should compensate;

● insurance company: a woman delayed reporting the case and made a false statement, resulting in the cause and nature of the accident in this case could not be ascertained. According to the provisions of the article, the insurance company shall not assume the insurance liability;

• Traffic Police Department: in the traffic accident, a woman full responsibility;

● The Court: the insurance contract states that “when an insured event occurs, the insured shall notify the insurer in a timely manner (within 48 hours) after the occurrence of the insured event”, and it was confirmed by a woman in the applicant’s statement; A woman misstated the time when the accident occurred, so that the nature and cause of the traffic accident could not be ascertained, and the insurance company could not confirm whether the accident was insurance liability, the refusal was reasonable.

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From the above cases, we can find that the time of reporting the accident has an important role, and the insurance company is likely to refuse compensation. However, the delayed reporting is not the only basis for refusal of insurance. In addition to the delayed reporting, the woman in the case also misstated the time of danger, therefore, in this case, the rejection of compensation is also justified.

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