How to apply for auto insurance when buying a car in a different place

Car insurance can be purchased in different places, as long as the owner’s ID card is available, and now many large insurance companies are supporting the nation-wide compensation, these companies have set up branches in various cities in the country, after the owner has purchased the car insurance in different places, once the insurance is out of place, the insurance company can use the channel of the insurance company.

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It is understood that in order to strengthen the competition of China’s insurance companies, the larger domestic auto insurance companies such as Ping An, PICC, and Taibao have already achieved nationwide compensation, these companies have set up branch offices in various cities in the country. After the car owners have purchased car insurance in different places, once they are out of danger in different places, they can use the insurance company to settle claims in different places, as long as the insurance company to any one of the network claims, you can enjoy the car insurance survey damage, accept claims, payment of insurance claims and other services.

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First of all, auto insurance is composed of traffic insurance and commercial insurance. Compulsory insurance is a kind of compulsory insurance, must be insured, because it is the basic protection of the third party. The commercial insurance is selectively insured by the owner, because it is mainly introduced by the company for profit. In commercial insurance, third party liability insurance as a supplement to compulsory insurance must be purchased. In the commercial insurance, in addition to the third party liability insurance, for most car owners, the combination of the three types of insurance, including vehicle loss insurance, non-compensatory insurance and the whole car is the most practical.

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Prices may be relatively low. Now, because the vehicle insurance information platform can only be queried by the local network, for the car insurance claims more owners, the insurance companies in different places are not able to find the claims information of the previous year. Therefore, the insurance company will identify the customer as the last year uninsured customer, according to the insurance company’s insurance rules, the customer can enjoy a 0.7~0.85 discount. For example, a customer has been out of risk 3 times in the previous year, and the standard premium this year is 4000 yuan. If the local insurance premium will rise by 30% to 5200 yuan, the customer can enjoy a 8.5 discount if they are insured in other places, the premium is 3400 yuan; Some insurance companies will even offer a 7 discount premium as low as 2800 yuan. In this way, off-site insurance can generally make the premium about 40% cheaper.

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