What should be paid attention to when buying car insurance? How to buy better?

Now there are more and more private cars, vehicles by rubbing, the risk of a car accident is also rising, so car insurance is a matter of every owner to consider. So what should be paid attention to when buying car insurance?

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1. Pay attention to the terms of insurance, especially insurance liability and exclusion

To put it simply, the insurance liability is the condition under which this insurance can be compensated. If it does not meet these conditions, the insurance company is not responsible for compensation, it is recommended to read carefully before purchasing to avoid disputes.

For example, if only the third party liability insurance is covered, the casualties on the vehicle can not be compensated, but if the vehicle personnel liability insurance is covered, the casualties on the vehicle can be protected; For example, only the vehicle damage insurance, the tire of the car is damaged, and the car damage insurance cannot be compensated, but the wheel loss insurance alone can be compensated.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the terms before purchasing, find out what to compensate for what is not to compensate, to avoid causing disputes.

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2. Pay attention to the matching of the types of car insurance

Commercial car insurance main insurance is divided into car damage insurance, three insurance, on-board personnel liability insurance, and other additional insurance, must be insured after the main insurance, can be insured, such as the investment of the car damage insurance, can cast the wheel individual loss insurance, body scratch damage insurance, etc. Attention should be paid to the purchase, whether it is a new car or an old car, the amount of the three insurance must be fully purchased. If it is a new car or driving is not very skilled, it is recommended to choose the full type of insurance. It is recommended that car damage insurance owners buy, because after the comprehensive reform of car insurance, the responsibility is wider, and the cost performance is very high.

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cheap car insurance quotes
3. Be sure to remember the renewal time, so as not to lose the protection after the release of the insurance

When you buy car insurance, you must remember the expiration date of your insurance policy, and you must remember to renew your insurance before it expires. If you forget to renew your insurance, the insurance company is not responsible for any accident during this period. And no strong insurance on the road, it is in violation of the “Road Traffic Safety Law”, if found, both to the deduction of money, but also to buckle the car.

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