What kind of insurance do you buy when buying a car? Which car insurance should I buy

When you buy a new car, what is the first thing you want to do? Insurance is required, of course. But many friends don’t know about car insurance at all. They spent a lot of money in buying large and small insurance under the deception of some unscented sales personnel in 4S stores. What is the real need for car insurance? Today let’s see how to buy car insurance.

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First of all, what we need to buy is the strong insurance, which is the type of insurance that the state forces to buy. If we don’t buy the strong insurance, we can’t get the way at all. If we are caught by the uncle of the traffic police, we can get worse, you have to pay 2 times the penalty for the insurance premium. If you hit a person, it is even more serious, at least hundreds of thousands of compensation.

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Secondly, commercial insurance can not be less, some people say that I have already bought the insurance, why buy other commercial insurance? Don’t be a dread! The insurance is paid to others, and the amount of insurance is still so low. The payment standard is: the death of a person, the maximum payment of 110,000, personnel injured, the maximum payment of 10,000, just repair the car, the maximum payment of 2000. In view of the current social situation, no matter what kind of situation, the traffic insurance is not enough to pay, the current car into a 4s shop to repair the car is over 2000, not to mention the injury and death, the money was not enough for the family.

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Third party risk is to compensate for the third party, popular point of view, is to compensate for others. Now there are plenty of cars on the road, and if you accidentally get it, it will cost at least thousands of maintenance fees, not to mention those top luxury cars. And some pedestrians and electric cars do not follow the rules. Therefore, for the three risks, it is recommended that 500,000, 1 million of the best, the premium is only about 300.

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Car damage insurance is to protect their own vehicle maintenance costs, the premium is based on the body Price to set. Some old drivers feel that they are highly skilled, you can not buy this risk, but often walk by the river where there are not wet shoes, cars on the road, it is inevitable to wipe the touch.

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Finally, the whole car is also a kind of insurance in commercial insurance. As the name implies, if the whole car is stolen, it can be compensated; If a wheel or mirror is lost, it cannot be compensated. Car owners need to pay attention to if you park in your garage every day, and then have GPS in the car, then the purchase is not meaningful. If the surrounding security is not good, there is little monitoring, or often travel long distances, it is best to buy a more worry-free.

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