Buy health insurance for parents should pay attention to the following points

The importance of health insurance for parents

Because parents are too old, the ability of physical fitness began to decline, the ability to resist risks also began to weaken, and therefore, their risk at this age is several times higher than at other ages. In addition to physical factors that may require frequent medical attention, they are also at increased risk of accidents. An accidental fall or fall is likely to result in the death of a white-hair old man.

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Some experts pointed out that due to the impact of the gradual increase in age, the elderly need more and more protection. As children, they should play their part in filial piety and responsibility, purchase appropriate insurance products for their parents as a tool to protect against risks and improve parental security.

1, why to buy insurance for parents

A small life from the belly of the mother born to grow up to their own society to fight alone, which at least 20 years of parental care. With the continuous development of social economy, many costs are also rising. To bring up a child into an adult, which must also be the only parents can experience the sweet and bitter.

As we grow up, our parents begin to grow old. Before my father always himself easily and laid it on one of the best players at the Cambridge tennis he is stooped back, there is no longer the force that. With age, the physical condition of the parents will begin to change, the resistance becomes low, as if the wind blow a second will fall.

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It is said that the probability of illness and death is increasing with the age of people, we grow up and also represent the aging of parents, they are getting closer and closer to the disease and death.

Nowadays, many adults do not spend much time with their parents because they work in other places. Usually not often around their parents, so can do for them is very little. And most of the parents in the sick when they are often suffering from silence, parents give their own best everything to their children, now should provide protection for them, to return their care. Therefore, for parents to protect an insurance is also a manifestation of parental love.

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2. What kind of insurance is better for parents

It is a good thing that children are worried about their parents’ health and want to improve their parental security. But to improve the protection of parents should buy what insurance is better? And the insurance products on the market have a certain age limit, parents in case of more than that and how to do? How to choose is the best?

This requires children have a certain degree of insurance knowledge, to understand their parents should be the most needs of which aspects of protection. Small make up the next analysis and analysis.

1. Accident insurance. Why is accident insurance the first place? When people reach middle age, the risks encountered will increase, and accident insurance can not only improve the ability of parents to cope with accidental risks, but also has the characteristics of low premium and high protection, can be excellent to meet the needs of parents in daily life insurance.

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2. Health insurance. There are many types of health insurance, such as severe disease insurance, medical insurance, etc. These are essential insurance needs for parents. But what if the parents are too old to encounter the phenomenon of “premium inversion? That also don’t worry, in fact, there are still a lot of health insurance designed for the elderly, the age of this limit is also very wide. Children can also buy health insurance for their parents as a supplement to the disease insurance, so that parents often go to the hospital if they are not healthy.

No risk of death. On the premise of sufficient security, parents can be covered with better insurance. Generally speaking, most of the insurance risks on the market are investment and financial, so that they can enjoy some benefits while they are protected. However, when children are insured for this type of insurance, also need to have a certain degree of knowledge of investment and financial management, do not hesitate to buy because of high income, be sure to understand.

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3, where is the focus of the parents to buy insurance

After knowing what kind of insurance to buy for parents, children should also know what should be the focus of buying insurance for parents.

1. Do your best. Since many families now have a family pattern of 4-2-1, the burden on adults is particularly significant. In order to support four elderly people, there is a child in need of education, so in this area of economic spending must be well planned. Do not take up too much of the family’s economic expenditure because of insurance, resulting in increased pressure on life.

2, focus on security. Now there are so many types of insurance on the market, children in the parents to buy commercial insurance, should pay attention to the protection of higher products, such as products cover many common areas of protection, matters within these ranges occur more often.

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3. Combination and matching. When you buy some insurance products, you can use the combination model to match. A product covers multiple different types of protection, which can be differentiated insurance, will protect all aspects of the foot. We must also pay attention to the lever ratio. If the lever is relatively high, appropriate consideration can be given.

4. Payment method. Why the payment method should also be put in the focus here, because the reasonable payment method can avoid too much economic expenditure. Avoid one-time full payment, because not only the amount of payment is high, and in the event of an emergency need to use the reserve, there will be no excess funds on hand for the urgent use. It is best to take a fixed way to pay the amount of payment, not only the amount of each payment will not bring too much pressure on themselves, you can also use the least amount of money to achieve their own security needs.

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4. What should be paid attention to when buying insurance for parents

When you buy commercial insurance for your parents, you should not only learn how to choose correctly, but also know what you need to pay attention, in this way, we can avoid some disputes in the future, which will affect our own interests.

1. Read the terms of the contract carefully. Before purchasing, be sure to carefully understand the terms of the contract of the product purchased, see clearly the scope of protection, exemption, etc, because these are often the focus of claims disputes.

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(2) The obligation to inform in a confidential manner. At present, when many people are insured for their parents, because their parents are too old, they are afraid that the insurance company will refuse insurance or increase insurance coverage, so they do not tell the insurance company the truth about their physical condition, however, in the later period, if the insurance company is unfortunately out of danger, the insurance company also has its own reasons to refuse compensation according to this obligation.

3, whether there are restrictions on insurance. As we all know, many commercial insurance on the market now has its own restrictions on age. Because of the different types of insurance products, the age limit set by each insurance company is not the same. However, most people over the age of 55 are difficult to cover commercial insurance, so it is necessary to see whether their parents meet the insurance requirements of the product before purchasing.

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Tip: How to buy insurance for a family is the most cost-effective

A family needs to have a good insurance plan, which is not only responsible for their own, but also for the care of their families. But many people because of their lack of understanding of insurance, it is easy to spend some money to buy is not so in place protection, today, small make up to teach you how to give the family to buy insurance is the most cost-effective.

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1. The patient is large before small. When you plan to buy insurance for your family, you first need to follow the principle of first adults and then children. Because whether old or small, there is not enough ability to make money, only adults are the economic pillar of the family, so the protection of adults must be enough.

2. In a certain foundation on the protection, in the consideration of the problem of return on investment. If the protection needs of family members is not enough, we must first improve the good to think about investment and financial management.

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3. Mainly on the basis of social security, for family members to buy a certain amount of commercial insurance as a supplement, because the protection of social security alone will be insufficient place, commercial insurance is needed to improve their ability to cope with risks.

4, MR. After living. It means that we should first purchase the protection insurance that has the ability to cope with risks, such as accident insurance and severe disease insurance, which are the protection of “life, only when their lives are in a state of health protection, can on this basis to buy a quality of life of the type of insurance, such as education insurance, medical insurance, pension insurance and so on.

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