The distance between you and the first class, the difference is not only the money

Thinking determines the level

“I really can sit in first class now, why have I never thought of first class. I also clearly know that time is the most valuable time for me. I can only wait in line, but why I have no idea to save time by sitting in first class, it seems that the long-term thinking in my mind is that first class has nothing to do with I am.”

I told her my idea, she said with a smile, she used to do so; You are now upgraded income, but the concept of consumption has not been fully upgraded. Or only to upgrade to the initial stage, but also to stop the original one year to make 100,000 of the thinking. To buy themselves a feeling of office insurance.

She and I said that she transferred to the new company that year, refused the company with the driver, said these things can do their own, why trouble others. The company said to her, you are wrong, the company pays you so much money, your time is not completely belong to you, your time is very expensive, if you waste on driving these inefficient things, it is a waste of the company’s money and resources, it is unethical.

The distance between you and first class is not just the money

1. Most of the time, the change of concept is much more difficult than the change of income.

In the past, when moving, parents loth to throw away those clothes, although the future is generally not used, but they would rather let these useless things occupy a few square meters of space-because before poor.

When the elders eat, they are already eating enough, but they are not willing to leave the rest, just try to CD-Rom, although they know that eating more is not beneficial, but also spend more time exercise consumption-because they have been hungry before.

These ideas are so deep impact on us, control the growth of our thinking habits over the years, let us make the objective now has been unreasonable choice.

Our decisions now, in fact, are the result of the past. Our previous thinking patterns and cognition of the world, like a cage of thought, form a fixed set of thinking.

Just like when I first started to do health insurance business, I thought who can buy a $50,000 a year is a big customer, who would spend so much money to buy insurance. But later contact of high-net-worth customers, they buy the amount of health insurance, often refresh my perception, began to understand that the original rich can be so rich, the original millions in their eyes are pocket money.

At that time in the insurance company to do insurance, the company’s office insurance price is very cheap, but they are not willing to buy one for themselves.

Furthermore, this kind of thinking, in fact, is more terrible than the cage. If it is a cage, we at least have the desire to break free, want to see the outside world, and this is actually a deep well, we are the frog at the bottom, looking at the Circle of the sky on the head, even think that this is the size of the world. With your own life experience, try to figure out as if other people should live like this.

Therefore, workers think that even if they change a job, they often choose to be a senior worker. Salaried people rarely think of paying a salary to others one day.

People who play in the rules of the game, rarely think of themselves to develop the rules of the game. Continuous entrepreneurial people, in general, are not back to the identity of workers.

It’s all fate.

Thinking and ideas

2. Your thinking determines what class you are in

The rich continue to be rich, and the poor are only breaking away from poverty. Those who are in debt continue to leverage, and those who save money continue to be buried in the bank. This and income has nothing to do, but the way of thinking, so the solidification of the class, from the nature of thinking.

He was extremely afraid of thinking.

Then the question arises, this almost fixed way of thinking, how to change.

Although some of my old ideas are still very Atomic, but in fact, in the past two years, my own way of thinking, in many ways, has been quite different from the past.

My personal experience is that the disruption of thinking requires a huge change in life, perhaps to be placed in a completely unfamiliar environment, perhaps a sudden sharp increase or decrease in income, perhaps it is the ups and downs of the workplace, perhaps the iteration of the circle around.

In a word, it is the concept that brings you a disruptive impact and breaks you out of the original thinking framework.

In 100,000 years, you want to do everything by yourself, and throttling is open source. In millions of years, you start thinking about things that can be solved with money, so don’t spend time.

health insurance

Previously, money is expensive, time is not valuable; Now, time is the most expensive, money is the least valuable.

When you are a family-based small workshop, you are the boss, and at the same time, you are sales and accounting. In order to save costs, you want to force yourself to become all-round, understand that the most important thing to do is to recruit the best people, did not think of their professional, as long as to find the most professional talents.

When I build my own team to recruit people for interviews, I often feel that they can’t understand the value of our platform in the future, and they can’t see a bigger picture in the future. They still stay in a job just to pay to support their survival desire, so the lack of intrinsic motivation, so can not stimulate the greater potential. Unfortunately.

Most of what is done is always a lack of imagination.

You think of this too small, if you want to be bigger, think further.

Time is the most expensive, money is the least valuable
Time is the most expensive, money is the least valuable
3.Just keep growing, and fuck everything else

I admit that I am a more extreme person, in the sharing of the time, often say that is to make the first pot of gold in life as soon as possible, to complete the accumulation of primitive wealth. Then will be questioned, said I am too natural, too material, and then said I changed, become too pragmatic.

The people who say these words often do not make their first pot of gold; And those who achieve relative financial freedom generally agree with me.

A person can not stay in the same state for too long, so there will be no fission, no big breakthrough.

Just like whether you are selling time to make money, or using capital to make money, in two different orders of magnitude of income, all your thinking will change.

A change of concept

Like the number of users is one thousand, ten thousand, or one hundred thousand, one million, ten million, thinking of the strategy, are not the same level.

When starting a business, speed is very important, because when speed quickly reaches a scale, many problems that are difficult to solve before those small-scale stages, because of your speed, become no longer a big problem, or even disappear.

The speed of development represents the rising potential energy, potential energy is confidence, is the future, is hope.

I am still that point of view-slow, is slow to a bright future.

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